Strictly Westie Mission

To promote West Coast Swing dancing in a fun and social way.

Strictly Westie has been created to so you can share your enjoyment of the dance, learn about local and national dance events, register online, provide event feedback, upload photos, and participate in the West Coast Swing community.

The Strictly Westie website allows you to exchange ideas, learn where to go dancing, form friendships, improve your dancing, share stories, and much more. You are encouraged to help grow the West Coast Swing community by posting on the Forum and Dance Calendar.

What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is a modern version of swing…except that it is typically a lot slower, danced to Pop, Blues, R&B, Rap, etc. and looks nothing like “traditional” swing.

So if you like dancing, but are a little lazy… like music, but can’t commit to one genre… and want to talk to people, but need a helpful phrase like: “would you like to dance?”... West Coast Swing might be for you! Watch out…it’s addictive.

West Coast Swing is continually influenced by new music and the style changes as new music is released. It is loved for its versatility (because you can dance to many different music genres) and improvisation (because dancers are not confined to one style and have creative freedom).

West Coast Swing is a social dance meaning it is easy to meet new people while you are circulating the room.

StrictlyWestie Fliers

Many people have requested Strictly Westie fliers that they can print and distribute at their local to download the StrictlyWestie flier.

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